Post #58 – The smallest thing

Today’s topic is a bit random – what is the smallest thing near me?

Ironically, the smallest thing near me is my iPod nano.  Get the irony?  Cuz it’s a nano?  Ok, I promise I’m done. 🙂

Anyway, the smallest object near me is the iPod nano that my Grandma gave me when I visited her a month or so ago.  It’s small.  Much, much smaller than the electric blue 2nd generation iPod nano I had when I was in college.  This iPod is so small that I am constantly afraid I’m going to lose it.  It’s like an inch square.  Seriously.  But it’s cool; it has a touch screen and 8 GBs of storage.  8 GBs of music is a lot of music, and I love music so it works out quite well for me!  Also, it is a metallic grey purple, which is super fun.  I really like grey and purple, so the combo is fun and sleek and sophisticated.  But mostly, I love it because my Grandma gave it to me!  She is so thoughtful and awesome!  I’ve loved being able to jam while taking walks or walking downtown to work.  It was a spectacular gift!