Post #11

I have many passions and dreams in my life.  I love writing (and blogging) and hope to be a published author some day.  I love reading and hope to be an excellent reviewer of books.  I love music and want to create songs that reflect who I am and why I am that way or what I’m going through.  I love teaching and hope to touch many, many lives and encourage my students to dream big and achieve their goals.  But when I die, I don’t want to be remembered for any of these things.  That is, unless they bring glory to God.

When I die, I want to be remembered for following God with my entire life.  I want to seek Him with all of my life and sacrifice myself and my desires for His glory.  I want to proclaim His glory and His saving grace!  That is what I want to be remembered for!  God is so powerful!  He created everything.  He sustains everything! Only He can save us from our sin.  We are depraved, sinful, selfish people.  We need God.  In his infinite love and grace, He can choose to save us.  God is so awesome!  If I am remembered at all, I want to be remembered for Him!


On Simple Thoughtfulness

This morning I arose an entire half an hour early.  Why you might ask?  Simply to love and encourage a friend.  He was going to Starbucks around 8 am to get coffee before he had to be at work on campus by 8:30 am.  It was his first day at a new job that he felt totally unprepared for and was therefore nervous.  The small, insignificant catch is that I work at my internship for the Mid-American Review from 8-11 am on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

So, when falling asleep last night, I had the brilliant idea to set my alarm a half hour early so that I could go to work at 7:30 then duck out for coffee from 8 to 8:30.  Mind you, I don’t particularly enjoy getting up before 7 am.  And before I leave for work, I have to make coffee, shower, and pack my lunch and snacks for the day.  So it takes me about an hour or so to get ready.  That being said, I set my alarm for 6, 6:15, and 6:30 this morning.  I got up, got ready, and actually was at work by 7:30am.

When 8 am rolled around, I wrote a quick note to my boss, in the off chance that he decided to show up before 10, and went to Starbucks.  My friend didn’t know that I was going to be there.  So when he walked in, he was pleasantly surprised to find me sitting there, waiting for him.  He asked why I was there, and I told him that I was there to give him an encouraging hug before work.  We chatted for a few minutes, then we each headed to our respective jobs.

Later that morning, I got a text saying that he really appreciated the encouragement and my thoughtfulness.  I was so glad that I had been able to be there for him and encourage him.  It was totally worth dragging myself out of bed early.  And it wasn’t even really that difficult.  Show up for a cup of coffee, which I always enjoy, and give a friend a hug.  Sometimes, it is the simple gestures that mean the most.  The everyday, common, little things that touch someone’s heart.  And the best part of it all?  It is really easy.  Just think of little ways that you would love to be encouraged and do them for the people you care about.  Simple thoughtfulness can make someone’s day.