Irish Cream Italian Sodas

I love Irish Cream Italian Sodas.  They were one of my favorite beverages at the local coffee shop, Grounds for Thought, in my college town.  Since moving to Portland, I had yet to find an Irish Cream Italian Soda (though I did stumble upon some delicious Raspberry Italian Sodas) until I was at Bipartisan Cafe a few days ago.  Simply delightful!


Ruby red, raspberries, and refreshment

“What color is that?  Is it red?”

“Well yes, it’s called ruby red.”

This is how my friend greeted me today when she saw my hair as I walked into our local coffee shop, Grounds for Thought.  I’ve always had reddish hair, from red hair when I was two to the reddish brownish color that naturally spirals out of my scalp now.  I love it; having curly red hair is exciting because it reveals my personality even when I wear dark v-necks and jeans (which is my typical and favorite choice of outfit).  I can’t tame my hair; it almost symbolizes my desire for freedom and uniqueness.

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Anyway, though my hair is naturally considered red, I like to enhance its redness from time to time.  Usually I pick a natural color, and no one really notices that I dyed it.  However, when debating hair color at Walmart the other night, I finally opted for the edgy color (something I’ve wanted to do for quite a while now).  I picked ruby red, and I couldn’t be happier with it.  It is funky and fun.

To keep with the red theme of the day, I decided to order a raspberry Italian soda tonight.  It is quite delicious, but before I tell you about it, I must first divulge that I have recently discovered that I love raspberries.  I’ve never minded them in the past, but I also would never choose raspberry if other flavors were offered.  However, for some bizarre unexplainable reason, I have begun to adore raspberries recently.  I even seek them out and choose raspberry when flavors are offered.  A few nights ago, when debating what fruit to buy, I chose raspberries and proceeded to eat the entire container while watching TV with John.  This new love astounds me, but I quite like it.  Raspberries are delicious.

Now onto the raspberry Italian soda.  It is so good.  The raspberry flavor is sweet, but not so sweet that it is overpowering in its sweetness.  Drinking a raspberry Italian soda is refreshing after a long day.  It quenches my thirst and brings happiness to my soul.  What more could a beverage do?

What is your refreshing beverage of choice?  Or what crazy color would like to dye your hair?

Post #50 – What would I do with a million dollars?

If I had a million dollars tax-free, what would I do with it?  Well… there are many things I would do with it, such as the following.

  1. I would pay off my husband’s and my debt.
  2. I would pay off all of my good friends’ debt.
  3. I would save enough money to live reasonably for a year so that I could write a novel and several articles.
  4. I would live in Europe for a summer or maybe even six months.
  5. I would support more GCM staff and increase the support for those I currently support.
  6. I would open a replica of The Daughter Project somewhere on the West Coast.
  7. I would move to Portland.
  8. I would go to barista school.
  9. I would replace my old, sloppy clothes.
  10. I must admit that I would buy a couple pairs of new shoes.
  11. I would also open a coffee shop.

And then, after that, I would give the rest to charities or causes that I support. Yup.  That’s what I would do.

Things I miss from the States

While it is amazing how similar life in China can be to life in the United States, there are few key differences as well, which is definitely to be expected of course.  The following is a list of things that I dearly miss in no particular order.

  2. coffee shops, namely Starbucks (note they do have 1 in the entire Hunan Province, but it is 2 hours away)
  3. public libraries
  4. bookstores
  5. Twizzlers
  6. plain milk (all the milk here is flavored)
  7. kettle cooked chips, especially bbq chips
  8. toilets
  9. toilet paper and soap in public restrooms
  10. free wifi
  11. binding straightforward work contracts
  12. individualism
  13. tampons
  15. Mexican food
  16. Jed’s
  17. dryers
  18. soft mattresses (you can dribble a basketball on my mattress)
  19. unlimited access to the internet, including facebook, hulu, and youtube
  20. boneless chicken breasts (all the chicken in China has bones still in it)
  21. ground beef
  22. regulated traffic
  23. 8-5 work hours
  24. family
  25. evenly paved roads and sidewalks
  26. convenience and proximity to grocery stores and restaurants

These things I miss dearly!