Post #13 – What I am most looking forward to this year

2011 promises to be an exciting year for me!  At the moment, I am still living in Yueyang, China which is always full of surprises and interesting interactions.  However, I am leaving in a week or so to return to Ohio to visit my friends and family.  I am definitely looking forward to that!  I have greatly enjoyed my time in China, but seeing my friends and family again will be so refreshing and encouraging!  It would be easy to say that visiting Ohio will be what I am looking forward to most this year, but it wouldn’t be true.

Right now, I am looking forward to the endless possibilities that 2011 brings.  I am moving to Portland around March, which will be an awesome new experience.  Living in Portland will be the first time that I have lived in a bigger city.  Portland is also home to many, many coffee shops, which I love already.  In addition to enjoying city live and all that Portland has to offer, one of my best friends lives in Portland, so I am looking forward to spending lots of time with her again.

However, I am most looking forward to new experiences.  I love to travel and am most likely going to pursue moving abroad again in the fall.  I love connecting with people and moving to a new city offers me plenty of opportunities to meet all sorts of people.  I simply cannot wait to see what this year has in store!


Post #9

Since I moved to China in August, I’ve had many Aha! moments as I’ve learned about the culture, the language, and the teaching style here.  One of my favorite Aha! moments was in a restaurant that I frequent.  I had been studying the names of different foods and how to put them together to order food.  The owners of the restaurant were patient with me as I stumbled through and butchered the Chinese.  I keep trying and always listened to the conversations around me hoping to pick up on some of the local dialect.  Then one day, I understood!  I knew what they were saying to me!  I knew what the other customers ordered!  It was so awesome and encouraging!  Loved it!

Ka fei and kam pei

With the decision to change the name of this blog already made and executed, I still don’t know exactly what I am going to use this blog for.  I love it too much to let it die completely.  I’m debating using it as a free space to write whatever I feel like or actually focusing it.

For right now, I’ll use it to announce that I am going to write a book about my experience in China.  The working title is Ka fei and kam pei.  Which translated means “Coffee and bottoms up!”.  My book will deal with Western and Eastern interaction through my experiences.  I like it.  We’ll see what publishers think when I finish it.

That’s about it for now.  I’ll decide what to do with this blog soon.

Late night thoughts

It is 12:37am here in Yueyang, Hunan, China as I begin this post.  I haven’t been posting much on this blog as of late due to the fact that I am blogging regularly on my blog about life in China  But that really shouldn’t be an excuse.  I love this blog; it is the blog that really got me into blogging despite failed previous attempts.  I still love the name of this blog.  I just don’t have a focus for it at the moment.  It was about my random thoughts and musings, but that isn’t really focused.  It doesn’t make for good, consistent, interesting writing.  So now I am left in a bit of a quandary – what do I write about that still fits with the name of this blog?  Or at least the url (choosingtomuse)?  Any thoughts you might have are greatly appreciated! 🙂