Post #1

Today’s topic at The Daily Post is to list three countries you’d like to visit, and why you want to go.

Since I’m from the United States but currently living in China, I really do want to go back to the United States to visit my friends and family.  My visa expires February 17, so I’ll be heading back by then.  I don’t want to count this as one of my three countries though because I’m from the U.S. and there are at least three other countries I want to visit and/or live in.

Country #1 – Spain.  I want to visit (and live in) Spain.  Ever since I began learning Spanish, I’ve longed to go to a country where I can practice and improve my Spanish.  As a Spanish major, my husband spent eight months in Spain, fell in love with it, and wants to go back, which just intensifies my desire to visit Spain.  Furthermore, I’ve always wanted to live somewhere in Europe and love every aspect (that I’ve learned about) of Spanish culture.  Spain seems to be an ideal country to visit.

Country #2 – the Netherlands.  Don’t ask me why, but I’ve always wanted to visit Amsterdam and then move there.  I don’t speak Dutch or really know all that much about Amsterdam, but it just pulls on my heart to at least see it.  Incredibly, this desire has not faded at all in the past four years; if anything, it is stronger now than before.

Country #3 – England.  I read a lot of Victorian novels as a young girl, and I fell in love with England, its people, and its countryside.  Additionally, I love clocks, and London is home to Big Ben.  So I would just love to visit the country and see the country that inspired so many of the books that bring back such fond childhood memories.  I would even love to live there.

If you can’t tell by now, I love being an expat.  Adjusting to different and foreign cultures is difficult, but I love the experience.  While I am currently looking forward to my visit to the U.S. to see my family and friends and settle in Portland, OR for a little while (to recover from the shock of China and improve my health after suffering the effects of severe pollution), I am just as eagerly looking forward to moving to a foreign country within a few years.


On blogs

Well.  This is a blog.  One of many blogs to which I contribute.  This is the blog that I post to most frequently, and I use it for my random thoughts and anecdotes about life.  However, I also have a few other blogs… what can I say?  I love to write. is my latest blog – at least until later this week when I begin another blog.  A Kaleidoscope of Imaginings is where I post my attempts at creative writing.  Short stories and poems.  I will post as frequently as I write, which I love to do depending on my schedule. is my Spanish blog.  In this blog, I will respond to articles and debates for my Spanish class, Conversational Spanish I.  I will also occasionally post on whatever  thoughts or such that I have on life that happen to be in Spanish.  It will be excellent practice for me.  And I will take no offense if you don’t read it because you don’t speak Spanish. is my blog for general thoughts and observations on life that are not necessarily specific to my life.  Unfortunately, I have not dedicated the time to posting recently; however, it does contain some excellent thoughts from a while ago.  I hope to post on life, including the search for who one is as well as grad schools and the post-graduation life identity crisis and search. is my first blog.  I decided that I preferred the layout and design better than Blogger.  So I switched.  There are a few posts.  Worth checking out once. is a blog dedicated to lists – the lists of many different contributors with a variety of interests and perspectives.    I love the concept; it is an art form of sorts.

I will also be working on one more blog – for work.  This week, I begin working for the Student Enrollment Communications Center, or SECC.  In addition to calling both current and prospective BGSU students, I will be writing a blog called “What I Wish I Knew Freshman Year.”  It will be a look at my life freshman year and my perspective on it now.  I’m super pumped about it!  I’ll post about it once I get it up and running.

While on the topic of blogs, I have been thinking alot about blogging.  Why I blog.  What I love about it.  How it has become a burning desire.  How it definitely has improved my writing.  How I simply must post regularly to build a solid foundation of readers.  How it might play into my life in the future.  Etc.  So many thoughts.  I’ll sort them all out later.  And then post about it.  🙂

Un Poema

Una alternativa
De realidad.
Mis pensamientos.

El fijo ritmo
De mis pies
Pegando el pavimento
Ordena mis pensamientos aislados.

Disfrutando de la naturaleza.
Especialmente en City Park.
Cambiando escenas
Me permite la mente deambular.

Libros, literatura,
Me dicen cuentos.
Puedo relatar.
Mi mente está absorta.

Escribiendo en mi diario
Mis pensamientos.
Un cuento.

Sentando en un café.
La gente
Muriéndose del ajetreo y bullicio de la vida.

Todavía no estoy sola.
Anónimo en una multitud.
Me escapo
En mis pensamientos, las absorciones y andaduras de mi mente.

For my Spanish 202 class, my professor decided to have us write a poem for composition 2.  The previous is my eloquent attempt at being a poet.  I’ll provide a translation (or rather, the original because I wrote it in English and translated it into Spanish).  I will admit that I wrote this poem during my ENG 434 class on San Francisco Renaissance Poets while we were discussing spontaneous composition.  Thinking about spontaneous writing and juxtaposing images definitely influenced my poem as you will read.  Enjoy.  🙂

An alternative
Of reality.
My thoughts.

The steady rhythm
Of my feet
Pounding on the pavement
Orders my wandering thoughts.

Enjoying nature
Especially City Park.
Changing scenes
Allow my mind to wander.

Books, literature
Tell me stories.
I can relate.
My mind is absorbed.

My thoughts.
A story.

Sitting in a coffee shop.
Caught up in the hustle and bustle of life.

Yet not alone.
Anonymous in a crowd.
I escape
In my thoughts, the absorptions and wanderings of my mind.

Seis Amigos

John.  Emily.  Dustin.  Mal.  Andrew.  Peter.

Six friends.

Six friends that I trust.  They have all proven themselves to be there for me.  Sadly, I don’t trust anyone until they have proven themselves to be trustworthy.  Anyway,  I am quite blessed to have six friends to trust.  While I have differing levels of closeness with all of them, I know that they all care very deeply for me.  They are there for me, even when life gets rough.  They are willing to put up with me when I’m not at my best.  And they are willing to be honest and speak truth into my life.  We have fun together.  Enjoy life together.  Live life together.  The good and the bad.  I’m there for them too.  I love each of them very dearly.  I would do just about anything for each of them.   Ellos son mis amigos.

To be

To be.  English has one verb to describe the state of being.  To be.  This has proven to be sufficient for decades and centuries.  However, that does not mean that it is the most descriptive or effective verb to describe the state of being.  There are several states of being.  A temporary state of being.  I am cold, which by the way, I happen to be because my parents keep our house at a delightfully chilly 63 degrees.  I am not permanently cold, thankfully :).  Oh yes, there is the permanent state of being.  I am a girl.  (Let’s not argue or debate about procedures that could alter that; I was born and will always continue to be a female.)  So there are two states of being.  Temporary and permanent.  Same verb to describe them.  To be.  If the verb to be were to be translated into Spanish, it would have two translations.  Ser and estar.  Ser is used to describe permanent states of being, such as I am a girl.  On the other hand, estar is used to describe the temporary states of being.  I like that.  It offers a nuance to language that the English verb lacks.  Using a separate verb for temporary and permanent states of being offers more meaning.

Last night, I was talking with a friend.  We’ve been growing closer recently, especially in the past week.  I am incredibly grateful for his friendship.  God has blessed me by bringing him into my life in the past semester.  Anyway, last night we were talking about how much we appreciate each other and our friendship.  Since he is a Spanish major, and I can speak Spanish, we will occasionally converse in Spanish.  When he thanked me for being there for him during a recent tragedy, I replied with,”Anytime.  Eres mi amigo.  And I meant eres not estas.”  He replied with, “Si, somos amigos.”  We are friends.  Para vida.  (For life.)  Our friendship is permanent.  The use of the verb ser meant so much.  It communicated much more than had we talked in English.

I wish language wasn’t so limited sometimes.  Or at least that English had two verbs to describe the state of being.  Alas, there is only to be.  Which begs the question, to be or not to be?