My roommate Emily has recently talked about beginning to run again.  All of the conversation about the topic sparked my interest in running again; so this week, I decided to start running again.  I ran both Wednesday and Thursday mornings.  I was going to run this morning, but I ignored my alarm too long and was running late for breakfast with a friend.  Don’t worry, I’ll run again in the morning.  I want to develop a daily habit of running for personal and health reasons.  With heart disease running in my family and my own ridiculously high cholesterol, running, or any form of habitual exercise, is probably a wise idea.  Also, I could stand to lose a little flab and tone my muscles.  Personally, running is freeing.  It destresses me.  And, the steady rhythm of my feet against the pavement is calming.

When my friend Dustin found out that I was going to begin running again, he asked if I would let him join me.  Of course I said yes.  He and I are going to run every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday morning.  The company will be quite enjoyable; the accountability will be beneficial.  I’m excited.