Post #9

Since I moved to China in August, I’ve had many Aha! moments as I’ve learned about the culture, the language, and the teaching style here.  One of my favorite Aha! moments was in a restaurant that I frequent.  I had been studying the names of different foods and how to put them together to order food.  The owners of the restaurant were patient with me as I stumbled through and butchered the Chinese.  I keep trying and always listened to the conversations around me hoping to pick up on some of the local dialect.  Then one day, I understood!  I knew what they were saying to me!  I knew what the other customers ordered!  It was so awesome and encouraging!  Loved it!


Post #5

Today’s question is do you prefer to talk, text message, or a different communication method?

My answer is probably talk, but definitely face to face is that is possible. However, my time in China has made me realize just useful text messages can be when trying to communicate with a non-native speaker of English.  It can simply to be to understand them or be understood while speaking on the phone.  I also grew up loathing speaking on the phone and generally still dislike it.  So I suppose my answer is talk if in person and text if using phones.

On a side note, I dislike forms of online chatting, simply because I do not have a reliable internet connection, and my chats get disrupted frequently.  While online chats are useful, I recommend never discussing anything too serious since they aren’t reliable methods of communication (or perhaps its that they are only as reliable as your internet connection).

Alright, I think that just about sums up my rant on different forms on communication.

Late night thoughts

It is 12:37am here in Yueyang, Hunan, China as I begin this post.  I haven’t been posting much on this blog as of late due to the fact that I am blogging regularly on my blog about life in China  But that really shouldn’t be an excuse.  I love this blog; it is the blog that really got me into blogging despite failed previous attempts.  I still love the name of this blog.  I just don’t have a focus for it at the moment.  It was about my random thoughts and musings, but that isn’t really focused.  It doesn’t make for good, consistent, interesting writing.  So now I am left in a bit of a quandary – what do I write about that still fits with the name of this blog?  Or at least the url (choosingtomuse)?  Any thoughts you might have are greatly appreciated! 🙂