On Sharpies

I know I have posted about Sharpie pens before.  And they are still as amazing now as they were then.  They don’t bleed through paper and write quite smoothly.  However, in addition to my love for Sharpie pens, I also love Sharpies.  I used to have quite the collection, but sadly I seem to have lost or misplaced most of them in my recent move.  I viewed this loss as a somewhat terrible tragedy and decided to begin to replace my Sharpies while at Walmart on Saturday with one of my best friends.  Let me tell you – Sharpie is brilliant.  They have made so many different varities of Sharpies in a vivid and stunning array of various colors.  I used to own a set of retractable  Sharpies in the 8 standard colors, as well as the same set of colors in the fine-tipped version.

However, while contemplating where to begin my replacement, I noticed that Sharpie has made a limited edition set of colors called Couleurs Cafe, containing mocha, blueberry, earl grey, hibiscus tea, and pomegranate.  I fell in love.  The colors are more earthy than the traditional bright shades of most Sharpies.  In order to promote these colors, Sharpie packaged them with the traditional set of colors, so without too much thought, I made my decision.  I am now the proud owner of 12 new Sharpies, including colors I previously hadn’t owned.  And the fine tips make them spectacular for writing encouraging notes to my friends – something else I love to do.   The new colors are fantastic and offer me quite the range; I now have a color for just about every mood I could be in.  I’m ecstatic!


Sharpie Pens

I’m at Grounds yet again.  After band practice, Andrew and I both had to do homework, aka read for our class tomorrow, so we decided to come to Grounds and enjoy coffee while we read.  Upon arriving, we saw Yinger and Katie.  We joined them; conversation ensued for a few moments before the attempt to do homework commenced.  As I pulled out my notebook and a pen, I made some remark about my new pen that I was super excited about.  It is a Sharpie pen and writes extremely smoothly.  I offered it to Andrew to try.  He loved it just as much as I did.  As it turned out, Yinger also uses Sharpie pens.  An entire side conversation about Sharpies and different kinds of pens was sparked.  We spent a decent amount of time extolling the virtues of the Sharpie pen.  I suppose that makes us all nerds to a certain degree.  Oh well.  I like office supplies.  They have a peculiar ability to calm me down.  And Sharpie pens simply are amazing.  They write smoothly and consistently. And they don’t bleed.  I am in love. 🙂