Goals, life changes, to-do lists, and the like are all fine and dandy.  I frequently make goals, plans to change my life, and long lists of things I need to do.  I like to be organized and efficient.  But sometimes, I forget to prioritize.  I get so caught up accomplishing in my lists and achieving my goals and life changes that I forget to focus on what is truly important in life.

Recently what is important in my life has changed.  I’m 30 weeks pregnant, so rest and my health are more important now than ever.  My relationships with both my husband and my friends, the community I’m establishing, are also important.  Crossing every item off my list isn’t important.  Why do I focus so much of my attention and energy on things that don’t matter?  Why don’t I just accept who I am and where I am in life and enjoy it?

I have limitations now that I didn’t have before due to pregnancy.  Life will change.  I’ll be able to physically due more things once I recover from labor.  I have relationships to develop and maintain. My priorities must be different now than they were when I was single or living in China or just newly arrived in Portland.  With every major life change, priorities will change.  I will change.  And that is good… as long as I always recognize what my proper priorities are.


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