Today is a good day.

Today is a good day.  It just is.  I’m happy and excited about life.  I think I’m happy because I have really been seeking God recently; I’ve simply been taking everything to Him and just being open to listening to what He has to say.  And I have friends who are not afraid to speak truth about my life.  I also have several developing friendships that I am beyond excited about.  Yeah.  It is cool to be able to reach out and touch someone else’s life, encourage them, and brighten their day.

Mal came up to BG today.  I love her dearly.  Ella es mi amiga.  Wherever life takes the two of us, we will always be friends and be there for each other.  She leaves for Spain on January 8th.  While I’m excited for her and the opportunity, I’m sad to be without her in my life daily.  She is one of my closest friends.  We can be serious and vulnerable about our lives, but we can also be random and ridiculous.  She is the friend that I take random road trips with without having directions.  She is the friend who was with me when I almost sliced part of my finger off, and I was bleeding profusely.  We sing together; we laugh together; we cry together.  She challenges me to grow in my relationship with God.  She is an amazing woman; I am honored to know her.  God has an awesome plan for her life.  I’m more than slightly ecstatic about it.


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