Seis Amigos

John.  Emily.  Dustin.  Mal.  Andrew.  Peter.

Six friends.

Six friends that I trust.  They have all proven themselves to be there for me.  Sadly, I don’t trust anyone until they have proven themselves to be trustworthy.  Anyway,  I am quite blessed to have six friends to trust.  While I have differing levels of closeness with all of them, I know that they all care very deeply for me.  They are there for me, even when life gets rough.  They are willing to put up with me when I’m not at my best.  And they are willing to be honest and speak truth into my life.  We have fun together.  Enjoy life together.  Live life together.  The good and the bad.  I’m there for them too.  I love each of them very dearly.  I would do just about anything for each of them.   Ellos son mis amigos.


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